Zunder Dapp


Zunder Dapp solves the biggest problem in the Fintech industry, the middlemen element. By implementing a revolutionary combination of cutting-edge technology such as Blockchain, AI and IoT  focused on tokenizing the data via hashing. 

We are developing the first decentralized peer to peer marketplace for Fintech products and services powered by Smart Contracts features using Stellar.


Holographic Face recognition

Face recognition system with holographic memory and stereovision technology (FARSHAS). The reconstructed various-angle views of a face with computer graphic (CG) technology using three-dimensional (3D) data provided by the stereovision technology are recoded into the decentralized database (BigchainDB) as reference data. The system offers a high authentication rate even if the face-to-camera angle varies.

New face recognition system capable of estimating and correcting facial angle. By reconstructing the facial image rotated to a position in front of the virtual camera, It matches the image to one of many facial images in the decentralized database. This system offers dramatic reduction of the reference data volume and improvement of the authentication rate. The stereovision technology is a satisfactory method of measuring 3D objects by calculating the disparity between the photographs captured in different angles.

Normalization, edge extraction and binarization are added for the input and reference images. Facial images reorientated to the virtual camera are reconstructed even if the subject’s original face was rotated right to left or up and down.

Building the Future

Zunder App is a decentralized data marketplace that lets users share and monetize data while guaranteeing control, auditability, transparencyand complianceto all actors involved.

Centralized data exchanges / Marketplaces fail because they lack fair and flexible pricing mechanishm, data providers lose control over their assets, and there is a lack of transparency in how the data is used, So data remains locked up due to a lack of trust.

Zunder App keeps user information + data privately safe and ecnrypted at any moment. User’s data belongs to the user –Net Neutrality and the consumer has full control over his data as well as the option to trade with it or sharing it with intended businesses.

Real-time IoT data marketplace

Zunder App is using Blockchain as a Core. This leads to provide a real-time data marketplace for IoTnodes (Mobility services). IoT nodes are connected to the Blockchain network and under the same protocol layers and rules.

Zunder App is powered by the Noise Protocol Framework, which supports mutual and optional authentication, identity hiding, forward secrecy, zero round-trip encryption, and other advanced features.


Data Privacy

User’s identity and data belongs uniquely to the user. No middlemen are involved in retrieving your data.

Collaboration Reward

No interbank exchanges fees, no additional fees and no third parties to impose uncompetitive fees.

Smart Advertising

Business and customers are connected freely. Where they can have access to promote efficient advertising campaigns.


Customer-Business relationship is highly engaged, offering custom services and benefits.

Economic Growth

No interbank exchanges fees, no additional fees and no third parties to impose uncompetitive fees.

Property Management

Users can automate their property management by using our “Smart Locks” build with an IoT module within our Blockchain network.

Building the Future

Our partners are compromised with the integrity and future of Zunder App. They blind us support and resources to provide an excepcional and excellent quality of service. Every week we receive analysis from them in terms of IoTmesh networks, Cybersecurity, Blockchain Technologyand Artificial Intelligence.