European Blockchain Solutions

European Blockchain Solutions is a company specialised on offering peer-to-peer solutions focused on scalability and client complexity. EBS was born in 2016 as small group of blockchain enthusiasts sharing the same goal: Research. Currently, European Blockchain Solutions is focused on offering services for small-medium businesses  that want to increase their cash flow with a focus on cybersecurity and transparency using distributed ledgers.

The demand of Blockchain technology in financial services is growing on a worldwide scale, due to its features to simplify, expedite and cipher the transmission of data from different nodes and propagate the operation to all connected nodes. European Blockchain Solutions makes sending information to one place to another, easier, faster and taking physical distance out of the scope’s problem, with everyone related knowing of the transmission at real time.

Powered by Aragon

European Blockchain Solution is powered with AragonOS, this provide cutting-edge tools and functions to boost and manage European Blockchain Solutions.

Aragon allows governance while decentralization. Then EBS, as an (decentralizsed) organization, uses blockchain and smart contracts internally to remove unnecessary intermediaries and third parties that impose artificial restrictions and unnecessarily complex regulations to become part of modernization.

We believe that the progression of modern technology solutions, such as the invention of the blockchain, are changing the incentives for people to interact with each other. We are powered by tools for the next generation of organizations to take advantage of this revolution.

Experimenting with new governance models has been a very risky endeavour during previous iterations of society. Now, for the first time in human history, we can be part of new governance models emerge, all from the comfort of our laptops and mobile devices.

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